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50 x 50 — CSR Programme

Helping businesses give back to the community

50 x 50 is an innovative corporate social responsibility (CSR) program designed to integrate local businesses by supporting the local community. 


The CSR strategy is simple.


The corporate social responsibility strategy is simple. The 50 x 50 Project asks 50 local businesses to buy a single membership each which directly funds The Space Between community program, this innovative project will connect with local schools and community centres like St Andrews resource center on Pearse St., Irishtown and Ringsend running a dynamic schedule of weekly classes and one-off workshops designed around bringing yoga, meditation and creatively to the next generation.



One of our core pillars is to be accessible to all so if you feel you can assist with this project please let get in touch and we can send you more information on how to get involved, support the community and give something back.