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A Dynamic & Innovative CSR Programme

Helping businesses give back to the community

Our program involves:

Dynamic innovative events & workshops 
In a state of the art holistic space
Delivered by experienced practitioners

The mechanic is simple. The 50 x 50 Project asks 50 local businesses to each buy a single membership which directly funds The Space Between’s dynamic CSR program operating under three key categories Cultural, Community & Youth. 


Through this program we run a schedule of weekly classes and one-off workshops designed around bringing yoga, meditation and creativity to the next generation. Every Tuesday morning our space is given over to this program whereby we run a schedule of classes for different schools and community centres such as St Andrews Resource centre, CBS Westland row & Ringsend College. Our modules are specifically tailored for a younger audience so they are digestible, fun and engaging. 


Our space is all about the people and we try to cast the net wide so within month we can attract a cross section of like minded people spanning demographics of age, ethnicity and background. Our schedule of community events comprises of various ways to bring people together within a supportive and nourishing environment. Our monthly events consist of YFTP (Yoga for the people, free weekly drop in class for all), Swap Shops, Book Clubs, monthly free talks on self progress eg Nutrition, How to sleep better, Top Ten life hacks etc

The Space Between is the product of collaborative creative output and we like to promote the importance of imagination and creativity. Our schedule is packed with an array of events from Art exhibitions, VR experiences, Album listening parties, concerts and pop-up gigs.


50 x 50 is an innovative corporate social responsibility
(CSR) program designed to integrate local businesses by providing a roadmap to help support arts, culture and the local community. 

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Metrics & Specifics

The 50 x 50 project is an annual commitment for companies. In this year we document all events under the CSR program & produce a bi-annual report showing levels of engagement, feedback testimonials and outlining key developments in the pipeline.

In conjunction to this we host a bi-annual get together where all 50 x 50 members are invited to an evening event where they’ll get a chance to meet with the various practitioners, benefactors and people at the helm of The Space Between CSR program. 

In return for supporting our CSR program you will receive a 10% discount on membership for all of your employees. 


We are really excited to present this program as we feel passionate about cementing in our core pillar, namely to be accessible to all.
Access to the right activities can transform and integrate communities. 

If you feel you can assist with this project please get in touch and we can send you more information on how to get involved, support the community and tangibly give something back.

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