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Rupture of Plane – Tools for the trip


We have just experienced a truly global event – resulting in a type of human connectivity never seen before, amplifying our awareness of the interconnectivity of all things, our duty around this, and pushing us to question the material worldview dominating our culture.

The world now sits between stories, the old one falling away, the new one emerging.

Rupture of Plane is a lean towards the new, knocking on its door.

The Concept:

Rupture of Plane is that moment, often fleeting, that offers a window into the majesty of it all, the interconnectivity of everything, a flip from our concrete personal world into the universal.

Anything that can in some way dissolve the material, wobble the elements, and allow a glimpse of the true nature of things, is a rupture of plane.


The Plan:


In 2022 The Space Between will be exploring this concept through a collaboration of people & spaces - thinkers, talkers, teachers, explorers, artists, musicians, animals & all.


Curated to play with and deliver experiences around this concept.


It will be both playful and serious, subtle and dramatic, exploring depths with a lightness, and aim to be accessible to everybody.


For Now:


A Rupture Taster…..for we can only handle reality in bite size chunks 😊 and we ran out of time!


Rupture of Plane 2021 is a taster of what’s to come, a sneak peak and takes place between 26th Nov – 21st Dec.

It will encompass elements from deep internal to the cosmos:

  • Breathscape – a guided breathwork to live ambient music

  • Rupture of Plate – a mindlul long table dinner trip with Clair Dowling (Tiller & Grain) and Max Jones (Up There the Last)

  • Meridians of Being – Poetry spoken word evening with Moley P O’Suilleabhain

  • Breathtaking living & dead flower installation by Aiva

  • Sound weekender – Chloe Mchugh, Jenny Ni and Tom Toher

  • Jungian Perspective lecture with Jasbinder Garnermann 

  • Drone Logic – Experiential live drone music event and performance

  • Intergalactic tour of the universe – hold tight 


A flavor of what to expect....

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Where may one find or experience a Rupture of Plane?

• Very often, just in the simple things, see it in a forest walk, the stars or a sunrise

• The external: through spaces/art/music/literature/food and other experiences which can act as a spiritual technology of sorts facilitating a glimpse

• The internal: Deep embodiement, contemplation leading to insight, creativity connecting previously unconnected things, a widening of consciousness

Ultimately it is a spontaneous and unreplicable happening. But knowing about it and shining a light on its potential is a plus…



The Potential:

Our pre-occupation with the material world is single-handedly the largest stressor of the modern age. 

To re-frame and look beyond the material even through a simple thought or realisation can have a profound impact on our nervous system. It is comforting yet thrilling this mere suggestion that something of such magnitude and beauty can be hidden in plain sight, found even in the mundane

It is wonderfully creative - for there is no road map to its expression - it is myriad. All experiences act like a hinge holding opposites together with integrity, the concrete/material on one side and the sacred/ethereal on the other, repeatedly opening and closing, allowing access if one wishes/is ready/even cares


Through playing with this concept, increasing general awareness of it, and tying it to experiences we may incrementally move closer to it, to a Rupture of Plane


Rupture of Plane – Tools for the Trip