Nik Quaife


Nik loves to bring students on a deep, energizing and transformative mind/body experience that integrates breath-based dynamic flow with alignment and precision. His classes will help you to feel open, energized, strong and balanced, rejuvenated, restored and refocused on YOU.

Yoga is an integral part of his life. “I’ve been enjoying the practice since the age of eight when my mum gave me a copy of the 1970s best-selling ’28 days of Yoga’. I’ve been learning ever since that yoga is not about perfecting a pose, but rather a continuous practice to be on your mat and in the moment.”

He has studied consistently and is grateful for all that he’s learned from yoga teachers all over the world. He has practiced in Dublin with Samadhi’s Greg Walsh, Rohan Hennessy, and Orla Punch, and in New York at the Iyengar Institute and with Kofi Busia, Seane Corn, Bryan Kest, and many more. His 200-hour teacher training was at Kula Yoga in Soho, New York where he studied with the transformational teacher Nikki Vilella in a life-changing practice developed by Schuyler Grant.


With a love for hiking, biking and as a trained Pilates teacher, he believes yoga can be an important part of our daily journeys, yoking our body to our mind and breath in an effort to achieve an inner calm.

Favorite Quote: Live like you’ll die tomorrow, learn like you’ll live forever

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