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Our welcoming little tea shop is beautiful in its pared back simplicity. We serve carefully sourced, premium grade teas and herbal infusions in Japanese amber glass teacups with matching amber sand timers, so you can mindfully wait for your tea to brew.

Our menu is focused on bringing people together around unique experiences. Our aim is to offer quality drinks that you won’t find anywhere else in the city in a Zen and friendly environment.

Our famous Cacao Elixir was created in-house and is completely unique to our tea shop. Known as a ‘hot chocolate for the soul’, a blend of raw cacao and chai spices is steamed up with creamy oat milk to make this delicious and wholesome drink.

What makes our Elixir truly special is the addition of your adaptogen of choice. These extracts have different health benefits depending on your personal needs – cognitive tweak, a pep in your step or a calming of the nervous system.

Our phone depositary gives you the chance to reward your mind with a digital detox. Drop your phone in behind reception and take a break from the incessant scrolling and disruptive buzzing. Pause, grab a book or simply sit and be present over some soothing tea.

Pop in to unwind before class, stay for a post-practice catch-up or even if you’re simply passing by. Our tea shop is open weekdays 8am – 4pm to yogis and non-yogis alike. We are very enthusiastically dog friendly so bring your pooch along with you to say hi.


Open:  Monday — Friday

8:00am — 4:00pm

Pot of Tea / Small €3.50 / Large €6

Loose Leaf Organic Teas
Black — Assam 
Green — Sencha
Jasmine — Dragon Pearls
Oolong — Iron Goddess of Mercy
White — White Peony


Lemon Detox
Peppermint Delight
Chamomile Dream
Rooibos Cacao Cha
CBD Infused Ginger & Turmeric

Matcha - €5
Ceremonial Grade – Uji, Japan

Lattes - €4


Mushroom Cacao Elixir - €4
Warm, spicy cacao made with creamy oat milk & mushroom extract of choice:

Reishi - Liquid Yoga
Lion’s Mane - Cognitive Function
Chaga - Immune Support
Cordyceps - Energy Boost


Coffee - €3  (Filter of the day)
Add hot milk 50c

Vegan Tracker Bar - €3.50
Chocolate & Peanut Butter Bite - €2.50

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