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It has been so heartening to be able to maintain and build our community as we navigate the unknown together. We're so grateful to you for creating this silver lining with us, so thank you.  

In light of everything that is happening our hope is to a create a symbiotic business model that syncs in with the rhythms of nature more as we see this an integral part of the shift that is needed as we collectively look to new ways of being in the world.


With that in mind we offer the following:

  • Yoga for families - four classes per week free of charge (looking to grow to six)

  • Yoga for Elders - two classes per week free of charge (looking to grow to three)

  • Meditation classes - two classes per week 

  • White Rabbit - online book club, free to join

  • We offer a 'Pay What You Can' membership model to anyone looking to join that is finding it tough financially. 

  • 10% of all our revenue goes towards a chosen cause each month


If you like what we do and would like to support us in anyway that would be greatly appreciated. This can help us to sustain our studio, support our teachers and continue to spread warm, loving, progressive and creative initiatives. We thank you for all your support in whatever way, whether donations, following us online or spreading the word about our live stream classes to family and friends. It all helps.


You can make a one off payment via PayPal:

Or a monthly subscription via Patreon:

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