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Space Training


with James Higgins


Join us for a deeply immersive weekend of yoga practice led by James Higgins. Explore the depth of your yoga and meditation practice in a post covid world.  Refine your life path in body, mind, heart, and soul.  

Each day will consist of 3 hours of practice with a short break between for tea.  

Open to all levels of experience as teachers, students, artists, healing professionals, and all backgrounds of participants.  


A mindful, insightful, meditative yoga practice week designed to engage participants from the very core of their physical, mental, emotional, energetic,  and spiritual centers.  

Through informed and skilled asana instruction, guided meditations, yoga nidra, pranayama, imagery and visualization, psychological inspiration, and set periods of restorative rest, ample time will be provided to plug in and clarify the farthest-reaching positive intentions one has for both themselves and the world at large. The practitioner will make further contact with an acknowledgement of their soul's longings.  

We practice finding clarity, exploring deep needs and wishes, and knowing what our dreams and heartfelt inspirations are. In addition, the practitioner will discover the hindrances, obstacles, and denser energies that keep us in the status quo of our lives.  

The week will instill messages to assist the practitioner in reaching for and  making contact with their sensitivity and intuition:  

- Release subconscious tensions which may be causing any physical limitations, mental stress, painful or repressed feelings, emotional stagnation, trauma,  fatigue, depression, or any hidden states of sadness or unhappiness. 

- Periods of meditative rest will assist in taking the necessary time to absorb and assimilate the deep work and energies to gain clarity about one's life direction from a soul level.  

- The practice periods are specifically created for personal development and making conscious contact with the true self

- Find, follow, and discover dormant resources of personal power and inherent goodness

- Work through any resistances you have that could arise which keep you from more love and compassion

- Soften ourselves further in developing our skills of intuition

- The classes over the weekend will complement one another for those looking for an overall life path reset/reboot and a mini-retreat amid their everyday lives

- There will be some challenging asana sequences however none will be led to overwhelming the student's capacity but designed to explore the very thresholds of one's ability to focus, breathe, structurally engage, release, let go, enjoy, and rest in a good-hearted way

- Gain technical proficiency in the asana structures and deepen your meditation practice

- Develop further clarity on your teaching style and what you are offering and sharing from the heart and soul

- Lighten up the load which might be holding one back or weighing the spirit down

- If you need some space to independently work some things out, take time to gain some clarity, get a shot of inspiration, explore your grief, get a good kick in the pants, shed some tears, and balance everything out with some good heart medicine this workshop will be a perfect fit 


Dates and Times: 


May  27th - 28th 


11.30am - 3pm 

11.30am - 2.30pm - practice 

2.30pm - 3pm - closing tea



€65 - Single day's practice 

€120 - Two days practice 

€100 - Two days practice early bird (until 21st of  April)



About James:

James Higgins has entered twenty-five years of teaching experience
and more than thirty years of practice. He has travelled internationally
offering a uniquely appealing and challenging style of
Meditative Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Practice grounded in spiritual care.
With a strong emphasis on the integration of physical, 
mental and emotional wellness, each of his classes holds the
intention for peaceful healing and conscious evolution.  

Most recently his work has been focused on all things related to
healing childhood trauma. Some topics related to understanding
the brain, narcissistic abuse, codependency, dysfunctional family
systems, addiction, recovery,  personality disorders, plant medicines
and psychedelic medicine, and all things which contribute to
further healing the soul.  

Join James Higgins for a week that will foster personal development, love and compassion, focus and clarity, and a lot of kindness and self-care. Early registration is encouraged. 

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