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Space Training

15 Hour Katonah Yoga Exploration
with Alex Sharry


Join Alex Sharry in Dublin for a 15hour Katonah Yoga exploration.  This training is designed for teachers and students alike as it will take your practice and teaching to the next level.

WHAT IS KATONAH YOGA?: Katonah Yoga is a practice created by Nevine Michaan that uses a blend of asana, theory, breathwork, and meditation to potentiate personal and communal well-being.  Whether you are a teacher or student, advanced in your practice or brand new, well-being is a technical endeavor that we can all achieve.  In this training, we will explore the entirety of this practice through asana, practicums, breathwork, adjustments, and more!

Dates and Times: 


22nd and/or 23rd of April 

11am - 6.30pm


1 day: €250 

2 day: €450

Non-refundable deposit of €125 is required to secure your place.
 a flexible payment plan send us an email to

What to expect on Saturday:

Asana practice in a workshop setting: ask your questions and understand why we do it the way we do it.

Body as a House: Understand this foundational metaphor so you can use it in practice, teaching, life.

Magic Square 101: You will get on the grid and feel confident to read this map.

Adjustments: Use the body as a house metaphor to inform your vision. Experience powerful, skilled reorientation in your postures and b
ecome adept at making healthy and secure contact.

Pranayama: Body as a House becoming the magic square. Drive imaginative current through the cosmic highway of your interior. This breathwork will make you feel energized and organized.

Homework: Use the Magic Square in your life.

What to expect on Sunday:

Day 1 Review: Anyone want to share their homework?

Asana practice in workshop setting: Practice a few Katonah Yoga sequences before going deep into the lower body.

ments: Right angles, body reading template (via Body as a House and Magic Square)
Restoration vs Reformation: What is restorative practice? Grab a zillion props, let’s do it!

Restorative adjustments: Use these in class, in private sessions, and at home.

Pranayama: Summative practice to calm the nervous system.

Questions, Comments, Conundrums: There will be time for a recap and review before we leave!





WHO IS ALEX?: Hi! I’m Alex.  I love being embodied and having my
mind changed and challenged, and yoga gives me both of these things. 

My practice has helped me develop a greater confidence in myself
knowing that I have techniques to help me traverse life with skill, grace,
and consciousness. 
My classes are inspired by Katonah Yoga, Hatha, Vinyasa sequencing,
Chinese Medicine, nature, literature, and – most importantly–joy! 

I believe that blending techniques and approaches helps potentiate
communal understanding and well-being.  I have been teaching yoga
for 12 years and understand teaching as an ever-evolving artform that
develops in tandem with our humanity.  Teaching is the area in which I
challenge myself most, but where I see myself clearest. 

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