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Live Streams

We have over 30 live stream classes per week ranging from strong dynamic flow to deeply restorative.

We also have an anywhere anytime digital studio full of pre-recorded classes from some of our favourite teachers.

Access Digital Studio Here

Please read below for information on our symbiotic business model. We are really keen to operate in tune with the rhythms of nature, this is our first sweep at it, hope you enjoy. 

Huxley said we can never quite tell the times we live in, well this is one of those rare occasions where we can.


And what an extraordinary moment, where old tired systems that have failed us are slowly falling away and in its place is the emergence of the rhythm of nature and what it truly means to be human. We are not separate from it, we are it.

It has been something quite special to migrate our physical studio space online, edging into the unknown and what joy to see so many familiar faces, so many new faces, our own faces…virtually. And surprising in is efficacy, it’s been quite a tangible treat.

Alas all good things must come to an end or they simply stop being good things. We’ve run these live streams for two weeks and from next week it will be time to move to a more sustainable model. It looks like we’ll inhabit this brave new world for some time longer and therefore in the interests of sustaining our space, supporting our teachers and enabling us to keep growing and exploring, this move is a necessary evil. We hope you agree.

With regards to how we do it – that is the question we’ve toiled over, quarreled over and lost more than a little sleep over. How can we do this authentically and in a way that:

  • truly honors this moment

  • is accessible to those who need it most

  • is sustainable and profitable so we can breathe & grow

  • enables these large numbers of people to keep practicing yoga together, it is really special

  • can even help us shift to a more natural economy, one based on trust, empathy & accessibility

Here is our model.

It’s priced at what we feel is correct for our endeavors.
If you can afford it we ask that you please pay it.


Our pricing is:

  • €25 for weekly membership (includes access to digital studio of all recorded content)

  • €9 for a drop in class

  • €8 for a five class pack (€40)

  • €7 for a ten class pack (€70)

  • Monthly membership also available

In addition to the above:

  • Our ‘Yoga for Elders’ classes will remain free. This is the highest risk demographic and requires the most support from all of us right now.

  • Our weekly meditations on Tuesdays and breathwork on Thursdays will remain free so we can enjoy large collective moments of stillness.

  • 10% of all revenue generated goes towards a chosen cause every month

**If for whatever reason you cannot afford this and genuinely want to practice with us then we ask that you pay us what you can. No one will be turned away. Please note:

  • This requires your real consideration in order to do the right thing for you yet in relation to the collective, for that is the rhythm of nature.

  • This is not a situation where few support many for that is contrary to the rhythm of nature

  • This is based on trust – yours & ours.


This is our model. We hope it resonates.

To summarize, very simply this is how an economy based on nature may look - like in a forest, braving the seasons, sun shining to rainy days, trees jostling yet nurturing, entangled root system supporting, all separate together, a microcosm to the macrocosm.

Can we take this lead, honour this rhythm & like trees become sovereign beings yet in relation to everything else? That requires great will, trust in the process, heightened empathy and with that comes accessibility for everyone and a real community, a truly brave new world!

Maybe we all have a small role to play here.

As a final word and just to ground all of this, Yoga is for the people. Traditionally this knowledge was meant to be free and accessible to whomever might need it. Knowledge is the only thing that increases through sharing and in fact it is only through sharing that it can increase.

Let’s honor that original intent and share. 

Please help spread the word to those you think need it most, those who challenge you most and those you love the most. This path is for anyone who wants it and please be nice to those who don’t for truth is one & paths are many. Hold your beliefs lightly.

Stay safe & Keep smiling – still the best remedy we know.


See you out there somewhere in here.

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no pressure to do so.

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