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Mignon Van Der Linde


Yoga forced me to listen to my body, mind and heart for the first time. 


I began my yoga journey only a short two months before taking a leap of faith and jumping into the TTC.  I originally went to learn more about the practice of Ashtanga /Vinyasa.  But when I returned and noticed the positive changes it had on my body and mind I knew that this powerful thing called yoga is something I wanted to inspire others to take part in.


I then went on to complete more training in India where I learnt more about Hatha yoga and found comfort in the slow movements,static postures and deep breaths and completely fell in love, and completed both my bikram & rocket yoga training. 


One of the reasons I absolutely love teaching yoga is that at any moment teachers can be students and students can be teachers, It is a never ending learning curve. 


I am honored to teach and learn from all who join my classes.

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