21 More Days of Visualisation

with Gill Costello

1st - 21st March

Mon - Fri: 6.45am, Sat: 9am, Sun: 9.30am

25 mins

We've just finished our first 21 days of Visualisation, beginning on Imbolc, signalling the end of a long winter. This next course will lead us up to the Spring Equinox.

"In spring, no one thinks of the snow that fell last year."

Let's let go of what has passed and together, look to the future. Join our early morning crew and start your day right. The collective shared energy every morning will no doubt help you focus on what's important to you, while letting go of anything that isn't serving you or is outside of your control.

We'll tap into the powerful of anticipation, which has been has been scientifically proven to improve our wellbeing. Now is the time to set some intentions and goals for your future, visualise what it is you want and enjoy the process along the way.

Starting Monday 1st March, join us for 25 mins of meditation, breath work and visualisation. You will choose your own vision of a bright future, your own intentions or goals.

If you're currently in a the position that you can't afford the course, no problem, just drop me a mail and I'll add you in, no questions asked - gill@thespacebetween.ie

Course Price:

21 days - €47

1 week - €21

3 Class Pass - €15

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