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A Lengthened Light

Friday, June 16th

7pm - 9pm

with Rohan Hennessy

The days grow as light lengthens shadows shrink and the dark places are illuminated, revealing a way ahead.

Join Rohan for an invigorating vinyasa workshop of creative flows and deep relaxation.

Beginning with gentle movement and mindful breathing, to ease the body and calm the mind. Flowing through dynamic poses connected by graceful transitions, we will build heat and find more freedom of movement. Then moving slowly into deeper stretches, holding long enough to explore and test our own boundaries. All the while staying concious of our breath, bringing life into the forgotten cold spaces within. We will finish with a deep relaxation and breath focused meditation, encouraging the natural flow of energy through the body and a peaceful stillness in the mind.

Feel the opening stretch and grow towards the light. Tickets: €35 Book now

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