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Astro Fridays

Friday, 14th of June 19.00 - 20.30 Tickets: €35 Book now with Bibi Dallmann

A soul-soothing, heart nourishing 90 min experience intended to create a gentle shift in awareness and frequency. Join us in creating a community dedicated to bringing in the light.

Drawing from healing modalities such as Reiki, Yoga, breath work and meditation we come together as community to regulate our individual and collective nervous system and to anchor in the somatic sensations of peace, love and kindness. Utilising the language of Astrology we re-frame how we see ourselves, our environment and how to use current astrological trends in order to elevate our individual and collective consciousness towards higher frequencies.

Astro Fridays is open to everyone. No prior knowledge of any of the modalities required. We keep it light-hearted, loving and inclusive. A place to feel at home and at ease.


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