Beginners Yoga Course

4 week Course with Jane Feighery

Starting Tues 13th Oct

6.15pm - 7.15pm

Online Only

Why practice yoga? We practice yoga to build strength, stability, and mobility in the body, to calm the mind and to connect more deeply with ourselves.

During this four-week course we will move through a variety of common breathing techniques, yoga postures and short meditation practices to leave you feeling peaceful, grounded and strong.

The pace will be slow, with thorough guidance and clarity-of-purpose for each of the poses we encounter, followed by a deeply-restorative meditative practice of yogic sleep/Yoga Nidra.

This course will equip you with a foundational understanding of the purpose of the most common yoga postures, an ability to adapt and use them effectively and safely for your body, along with the sense of ease, calm and clarity experienced through the practice of yoga.

Expect a productive and calming hour of movement with elements of technique, theory and meditation woven through the practice.

Jane’s teaching is informed by a functional approach to yoga, therefore one which prioritises the function over the aesthetic of the yoga poses.

She has trained with several of the world’s top international teachers of this approach, namely Bernie Clark, Paul Grilley and Terry Cockburn, and has over the last number of years woven this approach into her teaching of both passive and active styles of yoga. Jane is committed to adapting the pose to suit the body rather than the other way around!

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