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Blindspotting - Elevate your practice

Saturday, 15th of June 12.30 - 14.00 Tickets: €35 Book now with Bibi Dallmann

We all have blindspots in our physical practice that make things harder than they need to be. When we address them, we instantly become stronger, more flexible and have access to more of our natural capacities. The poses literally open up to us. Instead of working against yourself, you now learn to really potentiate yourself.

This monthly workshop-style class will offer you light-hearted, informative and empowering experiences so you can progress your practice in an intelligent and powerful way.

Each session covers different blindspots, making relevant anatomy super easy to

understand, so you walk out with a sense of awe of how amazing your body really

is. We always connect the physical to the energetics and the practical to the symbolic

so not only the physical practice evolves but also your whole understanding of

yoga’s actual potential to elevate your life.


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