Endurance Club

with Lisa Shaw

Mondays @ 7am - Upper Body

Wednesday @ 7am - Lower Body

Saturday @ 7.30am - Core

This fun, upbeat practise teachers you about building endurance, helping to strengthen, tone and shred the body while preparing mind and body to become more resilient to stress and challenging situations.

All classes start slowly, encouraging safe movement and form over speed. It is then up to you to take this to the next level of intensity when you feel ready.

Who is this for: Anyone wanting to build strength and resilience while toning. Open to all levels.

All movements are explained clearly and safely and are taken through 2 rounds per circuit, allowing you to build more endurance as you go. There is always a beginner's level through to advanced and you can also add weights, resistance bands and other equipment as you go to help build more strength when you are ready.

Lisa Shaw is a Mixed Movement and Yoga Guide. She is founder of The Movement House in Edinburgh.

With 1,700hrs of training behind her and thousands of hours teaching worldwide, she teaches an array of styles, inviting all levels to practise alongside her.

She has a background in dance, choreography, martial arts, surfing and long distance open-water swimming. With a deep understand of the human anatomy, her dynamic, creative style will takes you on a journey through breath control, fluid movement, body engagement, callisthenics, animalistic education, power, strength, alignment, grounding, transition of weight, balance and restoring.

Please note: For this class, make sure to have your camera on and ensure you log on 5 minutes before the start of the class. To ensure you are warmed up properly, late attendees will unfortunately not be able to attend.

Easiest way to book is through our app. Download it here.