Exploring the Elements

with Sarah Hagan

Starting Sat 28th Nov - 4 weeks

11am - 12.30pm


Fire, Air, Water and Earth are the 4 elements that make up the universe. These elements are inextricably bound to one another and each element is present in the formation of every material structure - humans, animals, plants and minerals.

Each element has its own properties, governs a different chakra in the body and represents a particular season. Imbalance occurs in the body and mind when we have too much of one element. If we are out of alignment we may feel overly emotional, stagnant, ungrounded or lacking in inspiration.

Throughout this series of workshops, we will connect with the 4 elements. Together we will focus on a different element each week. We will work towards bringing balance and a deep sense of nourishment into the entire being through asana, pranayama, chakra meditations, and herbal recommendations for each season.Equipment needed: Yoga mat, block/stack of books, bolster or pillows, journal and pen.

Week 1: Water Week 2: Air Week 3: Fire Week 4: Earth

Full Series: €70 Drop in: €20

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