Find Your Voice with Jenny Ni

Sunday, 12th Dec

4pm - 6pm

In-studio only

Using techniques from traditional tantric hatha yoga, pranayama & meditation, Jenny will lead you through a complete practice which will focus on strengthening Agni (digestive fire) and creating depth in the scope the diaphragm for breathing - this will greatly aid in the breathing/vocal techniques we'll learn later.

During the second portion of the workshop we'll explore the breath as a key tool for singing & self-expression, the significance of Sanskrit mantra, the physiology of the voice, as well as some self-inquiry & vocal practices to help you access your unique inner voice & ability to use it.

6.00 - 7.00pm - Hour break

7.00 - 8.30pm - Kirtan session (it is possible to join for this portion of the day only, just see ticketing options)

Bhakti yoga (the kind of yoga under which 'Kirtan' falls) is sometimes translated as the practice of 'Wise Love'.

Wise love exists in the space beyond the fickle, material, surface level experiences we might associate with 'love': the love of a type of cereal, or particular brand of coffee, for example. 'Wise Love' refers to a love far beyond this - it refers to the essence of love itself.

In their simplest form, Kirtan & Bhakti Yoga are devotional practices, which emphasize use of the voice to access the depths of the heart of who and what we are. Sound juicy?

Good. Because it is.

Using the skills developed in the 'Find Your Voice' workshop earlier in the day, we'll come together as a community to sing, chant and create a space for any resistance or harshness we've created around our hearts to soften.

Come to the workshop and Kirtan session combined for the full whammy - or simply just drop in for Kirtan at 7 to dip the toes.


Workshop & Kirtan - €55

Just Workshop - €30

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