Finding Clarity

with Rachelle Hicks

Saturday 27th Feb

1pm - 3pm

An Astrology Workshop

As we continue to navigate this time together, we can look to the symbolism of the stars to offer deeper meaning and understanding.

This workshop is a continuation of our first “Navigate 2021” that Rachelle hosted in January. For those who attended the last one, we’ll go even deeper into reflection, journaling, and meditation exercises, and look to other examples of current astrological events. For newcomers, we will explore some of the basics of astrology, review the key astrological symbols of our current time, and understand how we can benefit from it in our everyday lives.

Astrology can offer a broader perspective, and a lens for seeing the deeper symbolism of what we are experiencing as a collective.

In a nutshell, it’s an excuse to have a deep conversation.

Through a mixture of astrological presentation, mindful journaling, reflection, and guided meditation, you will

  • Learn what astrology is and what astrology isn’t

  • Understand current key astrological symbols and archetypes

  • Do reflective journaling with astrologically inspired questions

  • Discover what this transition period is all about, and how you can benefit from it

Questions and interaction are encouraged, but not necessary. There will be space to share your thoughts and ask questions, but you are welcome to enjoy your reflections silently.

It is not required to use a yoga mat, but it is encouraged to find a comfortable place where you can sit and/or lie down. Please bring something to write with and a journal.

A little about Rachelle:

Rachelle has been teaching yoga and meditation since 2015, and now works as an Astrologer and Feng Shui consultant. She loves illuminating these subjects for people in a sense-felt way. Instead of just understanding the concepts of these subjects, she loves to immerse people in the experience of them. Her goal in teaching is for people to walk away feeling uplifted, inspired, and with a deeper connection to themselves.

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A recording of the workshop will be sent to you and will be available for 7 days.

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