Hips - Forrest Yoga

With Rose Broersma

Saturday 11th July

11am - 12.30pm

A juicy 90 min Forrest Yoga practice focused on the hips and pelvic floor. Accessible to all who are willing to explore and dive into their own practice.

Ana Forrest created the Forrest Yoga Practice, which is a powerfully physical and internally focused ceremonial practice. During this workshop we’ll move through some typical Forrest Yoga style asanas focused on the hip and pelvic floor area.

Suitable for any level and particularly beneficial to those sitting at a desk, runners and bikers with tight hip flexors.

These 90 minutes are open for you to enjoy the Forrest Yoga practice and the opportunity is there for you to become fascinated with the deeper journey of grounding and overcoming fear.

Props: Block (if you don’t have a yoga block, use a stack of books) Strap (if you don’t have a yoga strap, have a (long-ish) belt handy or the strap from your bathrobe; if nothing available, there’s options to modify)

Optional: Space heater (or just blast the normal heater for a bit) so muscles warm up well.


In Studio - €25 **Don't forget your mat**

Online - €20

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