Masterclass Series

with Nik Quaife, Cecily Milne, Mari Kennedy, BiBi Dallmann and Aoife Kane

Starting Wednesday 3rd March

7pm - 8.15pm

We’re excited to share a new series of mid-week masterclasses with you this March. We’ve curated a line-up of some of our favourite senior teachers nationally and internationally sharing live each Wednesday night on a topic of their choice. Join us live each Wednesday night at 7pm and discover your edge.

3rd March: Spring Forward

with Nik Quaife

Workshop Your Warrior

A straightforward but deep exploration of the three standing Warrior poses (I, II and III) to help you move forward with strength.

Nothing complicated. Suitable for beginners as well as experienced.

Suggested props include a chair and a block.

10th March: Yoga Detour™

with Cecily Milne

Masterclass- applying the Isolate-Activate-Integrate approach to make everything from downward dogs to handstands feel revitalized and new

17th March: Spring Equinox- Mediating polarity

with Mari Kennedy

A Katonah-inspired practice to prepare for and celebrate the Spring Equinox, Celtic mid Spring, the sacred threshold when day and night are equal.

How do we mediate the opposites of being alive at this time of uncertainty, chaos, and polarisation?

We will play with the polarity of effort & Grace, fire and water; the elements of alchemy, and the two central ritual elements of the Celtic tradition. We will put ourselves at the centre as we power up our mind, our body and our breath.

24th March: H O M E - C O M I N G with BiBi Dallmann

A super slow, detailed and fluid practice, designed to help you explore a nuanced way of articulating body, breath and attention.

An invitation to be more at home in your body so as to access the joy, aliveness and intelligence that’s available in our cells.

The practice is physical, yet deeply restorative. Challenging yet incredibly nourishing.

A space where you get to explore deeper ways of being by refining quality in movement and expression in breath.

31st March: Harmonious Integration - Forrest and Yin Yoga

with Aoife Kane

A Forrest & Yin Yoga Session with pranayama, storytelling and a deeply rejuvenation asana practice

A Master Class intended to integrate us into the season of Spring and to flow with harmony as we continue to experience longer days and shorter evenings. This session brings balance to our bodies with a Forrest Yoga and Yin Yoga practice that emphasises the element of Water; that invites us to yield into the rebirth energy of Spring and to move forward with courage and flexibility as we are drawn ever more into the light of Summer.


Included in monthly memberships

€15 per masterclass

€60 for the complete series

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