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Myth in Motion

Saturday, 30th of Sept. 1pm - 3.30pm with Selena Garefino

Embodying the story of our wild side

Join international Yogi & Anthropologist Selena Garefino for an embodied journey of mythology, asana, breath, and contemplative practice as she leads us through the story of our Wild Twin.

Ancient mythology tells the tale of a wild twin we each possess. This twin was cast out and yet remains -courting and dancing with us, inviting us to let go of our perception of certainties in life, and to wake from our collective sleep. It invites us to encounter and embrace our darkness & desires and to explore a cultivated and sophisticated wildness.

Together we'll encounter the power of embodied story, drawing you into a relatedness with yourself and the world. In our workshop we’ll lean into the myth and symbolism of the wild twin, weaving the ancient teachings into the everyday and mapping ourselves in the old mind's knowing. In these troubling times we are called to become the elders we seek. There is a call to connect to the knowing and memory that has held humanity since before there was a 'long time ago'.

Grab your pen and paper, gather what you'll need for the journey and let’s go. Welcoming tea will be served in our tea shop from 12.30pm.

Tickets: €50 Book now

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