Prenatal Yoga

Strong Mama, Soft Soul

A 6 Week Prenatal Yoga Course with Naomi Sturdy

Wed 2nd Sept - 7th Oct

7.30pm - 8.30pm

Join Naomi at the Space Between for this special Prenatal Yoga Course where we will move through sequences to strengthen and empower your body and mind on your journey through pregnancy.

There will also be an emphasis on and inclusion of important and nourishing relaxation techniques to soothe and soften your soul, which is very much needed in this time.

Each week you will have this special time carved out for you and your baby, and also to connect to other mamas to be.

This course will be both in studio and online.

In Studio:

6 Week Course - €99

Drop in - €19


6 Week Course - €85

Drop in - €18

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