Reggae Yoga

with Reeta Cherie

Saturday 1st May

6.30pm - 8pm


"Dis Woman Neva Trouble No One. I'm a Lady, I'm not a Man. MC is my Ambition. I come Feel Nice, a Jamaican. So Bam Bam, Cha What a Bam Bam, Bam Bam Billa, Bam Bam" - Sister Nancy  

Reggae Yoga is the Union of Movement and Sound. Traditional Yoga Asanas are taught while sweet Reggae Music is being played.

This practice encourages you to express yourself. Sway to the music, allow yourself to be free, dance your cares away. Speaking of dance, there are light choreographed moves to get you feeling Irie.

Reeta is a 5 year 300 hour Accredited and Certified Instructor. Reeta Primarily teaches Hatha, Restorative, Yin & Vinyasa Yoga and we guarantee you'll get them all in one Reggae Yoga class. This is fun and energetic with a slow flow feel that focuses on deep breathing. Reeta's moniker is Just Breathe, afterall.

Did you know Reeta Cherie is a DJ? That's right and she's personally picked and mixed the tunes for this class. Be ready to Feel Irie, Skank and Groove because she's not only got all the Moves, she's controlling the Tune Too!

Reggae Yoga is guaranteed to get you moving and smiling, throughout. Reggae Yoga is suitable for all Levels including Yoga Beginners.

So grab your mat, Crank up your favourite Speakers, Free your mind and Let's have some FUN!

Tickets : €25

Early Bird: €20, available until Mar 31st

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