Reggae Yoga

with Reeta Cherie

Saturday 6th June

6.30pm - 8pm

Reggae Yoga is the union of movement and sound. Move through traditional Yoga Asanas while enjoying the sounds of sweet Reggae music.

Feel free to express yourself in this class. Sway to the music! Dance if you like! It's all about YOU! Speaking of dancing, there will be light choreographed moves in class too!

Make sure to have your good speakers on as we'll have the Sweet Reggae Music cranked, the moves going and the vibes flowing!

Reeta aka Just Breathe is a fun, energetic teacher. Her style is traditionally Hatha, Yin and Vinyasa and you may find them all in this class. She is nurturing, encouraging and has a way of just making you move, all the while smiling.

This class is suitable for all levels and beginners are encouraged.

**All you need is a mat, quality speakers and good vibes!

Early Bird €15

Tickets €20

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