Resilience - Science of Stress & Breath

with Rob Lewis

Tues Apr 13th

8pm - 9.30pm

Mind over Matter Talk Series

The second talk in the 'Mind over Matter' Series.

We all know what we should be doing to reduce stress, but at times it's like there is this other force inside that takes over our decisions making, our feelings and our thoughts. This 90-minute workshop breaks down the biology and neuroscience of stress and resilience, offering practical solutions that can reduce the effect of stress, boost mental health, resilience and help us respond to moments with clarity and choice.

Naturally, we all know the necessity of sleep, diet and exercise, but this workshop explains why these factors benefit us and how in their absence, our thoughts, emotions and performance are impacted.

Participants will come away with practical and creative solutions for instilling good habits, in a way that works for them. Together we will focus and learn about the importance of the breath in managing stress, and why it is referred to as our anchor.

Robert has been providing coaching, wellness trainings and psychotherapy for individuals and organisations both in Ireland and abroad, for the last 6 years. He has extensive training in mental fitness, resilience and well-being, with a MA in Psychotherapy, BA in Psychology, and a Diploma in Executive Coaching and Leadership Development. For more info -


€25 - Resilience - Science of Stress & Breath

€65 - Mind over Matter, Full Series x 3 Talks

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