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Rose Tea Ceremony

Friday, 20th of October 7pm - 9.30pm with Lucybloom Webb

When the Rose calls you, you will intuitively know.

The rose is one of the most ancient plant medicines on planet earth. Used for centuries as a healing herb as well as an energetic medicine to tap into the Divine Feminine within and all that she represents: beauty, spiritual connection to Venus, fierce protection and the unfoldment of being.

The rose is one of the most prolific blooms on the planet, whether we connect with her via ingestion, scent, touch, meditation or connection with her through the spirit of Mary Magdalene, she can offer us deep healing in the most Feminine way.

Rose medicine has been used for:

-depression/ anxiety

-Heart opening -Circulatory issues -Psycho-spiritual imbalances -Inflammation -Painful periods -Cell regeneration

During this Rose Tea ceremony, you will go on a journey with the Rose as our plant medicine ally. Connecting with her through drinking Rose tea as well as dropping into deep embodied Rose Meditations, this will be a deep dive into Divine Feminine work, helping you to access the divine & creative potential within the depths of your being. Tickets: €50 Book now

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