Rupture of Plane

with Jasbinder Garnermann

Tues 27th April

8pm - 9.30pm

Mind over Matter Talk Series

See The Sacred In The Profane, the third talk in the 'Mind over Matter' Series. Rupturing the plane is a portal into the divine, a window into the majesty of it all, interconnectivity & oneness.This transcending of the mundane, breaking through and seeing the true nature of things ultimately is a super abundance of reality, real par excellence. It is both subtle & dramatic, incremental & transformational, momentary yet eternal. Think of a perfectly normal scene, a streetscape or landscape you know well and imagine a tiny tear on the horizon. Through this tear lies the sacred, all above & all below, all within & all without, juxtaposed with this canvas of the mundane. It is a breaking through, an eruption of the sacred into the world.

In this lecture we will explore the concept of seeing through the concretization of our world and how the sacred can emerge from the profane. We will explore ways and spaces in which this can happen and its importance and relevance to today and the times we live in.

Jasbinder Garnermann is the Chairwoman of the C.G. Jung Society of Ireland and has an incredible depth of knowledge spanning ancient yogic texts, to all aspects of Jungian psychology, with a deep connection to contemporary culture. She also hosts wonderful workshops & courses for those looking to dive deeper - Jung Centre


€25 - Rupture of Plane

€65 - Mind over Matter, Full Series x 3 Talks

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