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The Big Reset - Christmas Retreat

27th - 30th of December 10am - 11.15am with Bibi Dallmann

A deliciously rich and soul-nourishing retreat, designed to release, reset and activate, so you can transition into 2024 with a clear vision and a full heart. Each class seamlessly weaves breath, movement and moments of reflection into a flowing experience. The practice is challenging yet meditative, deep yet lighthearted and intended to give you a space to come back home into yourself, aligning with your own inner guidance system and reactivate your love for life. The movement is designed to floss throughout the entire body, easing sticky layers of stagnation and resistance. Sequences are intended to organically unfold your body back into its natural ability to move, surfacing your vitality.

Breathwork is intentionally woven into the class so as to soothe the frazzled and exhausted pats of you, whilst surfacing an innate confidence in who you really are. Meditations will give you the room to soothe, clarify and anchors in a clear inner vision whilst re-connecting you to what’s truly important to you.

If you need a moment to stop, release & reset before you head into 2024, so you can embody yourself from a place of truth & authenticity, then this is the space for you to do that work.

Full retreat: €100

Individual class: €30 Book now

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