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The Divine Descent: Rooting into your Being

Sunday, 1st of October 12pm - 5pm with Lucybloom Webb

The root, the earth, home, our security & survival. Muladhara is the foundation of the energy body as well as that which roots us to our bodies and this earth. The unwavering stability within this particular chakra creates a solid base within our Yoga practice, acting like the roots of a tree; anchoring you within your practice.

Within Tantra, we work with the elemental force connected to each chakra. In my experience, this is something which must be experienced and felt in order to fully understand. This exploration can lead to chakra activation which must be undertaken slowly with great care.

This workshop is a 5 hour process in understanding the depth within the first chakra: understanding that energy, feeling it in your body and stabilising that which may be unsteady within you - an overall journey in deeply grounding from within, bringing you back to the earth of your body, your home in this lifetime.

During our time together we will explore:

  • Prithivi Tattva - The Earth Element

  • The Rooted Practice - Tantra Yoga

  • Grounding Pranayam

  • Kriya

  • Un-layering of outdated patterns relating to fear

  • Creating a strong centre to return to & evolve from

  • Group connection, sharing & empowerment practices

  • Mantra & Meditation

Practice & Integration: 12pm - 4pm Reflective Space & tea: 4pm - 5pm Tickets: €100 Book now

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