The Glimmer

Entices with a magical quality

Elusively illusive – the glisten draws you in

Out of presence


Seemingly real

The Glimmer is a subjective object

Unique to you and where you stand, which itself is a magical thing

Transient, momentary, existing only on the surface level

Move towards it, it disap


Study it, and it vanishes


Step back & look beyond

The Glimmer is a window to the majesty of it all, and the forces at play – behind sits the sun doing everything and nothing, the moon directing tides, nature orchestrating a break in the clouds, time & space colliding to allow the moment.

- -

Metaphorically The Glimmer is a window into yourself – your complexes and petite neuroses.

What is it that glimmers for you on your horizon?

What do you feel you need, to be complete?

This is the great illusion.


See the seer & the seen, the true nature of things

Through the narrowness lies the expanse

The realization that life is just a glorious glimmer, a trembling beauty, shimmering in flux, and we have but a moment to savour it.

It is happening right here and now, in completeness.

The thrill of it all.

- - - -




The Glimmer is a Rupture of Plane – a super abundance of reality, real par excellence.

An eruption of the sacred into the concrete world.

See the universe in a grain of sand.

As above


So Below