The Ultimate Savasana

with Nik Quaife

Sunday 7th June

7.30pm - 8.30pm

A deeply restful hour dedicated entirely to relaxation. 

In this workshop we will delve into the meaning of Savasana, the importance of the posture, and how to effectively and patiently allow the body to arrive at a place of stillness. With useful adjustment techniques and smart props such as blankets and bolsters, Nik will help bring more awareness to your mind and body. 

The workshop will begin with a gentle breathing practice (Pranayama) followed by a long, deep rest.  Leave with a sense of calm and ease and the tools to help you achieve your own fulfilling Savasana home practice.

NB. - Please be sure to dress comfortably and cozily and whatever you need to keep warm - Suggested props include an eye pillow, blankets, sandbags and water. (Nik will be in touch prior to the workshop with suggested ways to make certain props).

Tickets: €12

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