The Way

25th & 26th of June

1pm - 5pm

with Máire Ní G

Knowing how to master your energy is like having the secret to life. Where you’ve got the master keys that open all doors.

Taoism is known as The Way. A tradition from ancient China dating back 4,000 years - the alchemical art of health and longevity.

It’s practical. Simple. Infused with wisdom.

It teaches you how to gain self mastery of your own body, your energy and ultimately the direction of your life. What’s most striking about these practices is how effective they are. The benefits are immediate and you’ll feel lighter, more energised and calmer straight away.

It offers a deeply transformative approach to emotions - where you can let go of stress & negativity in a matter of minutes. Most people say they wish they’d learned this practice sooner. It’s an absolute game-changer.

In this 2 day workshop you’ll learn:

  • Qigong to open your meridians and reboot your vitality

  • Energy meditations to let go of emotions that can bring you down

  • Ways to relieve stress and cultivate genuine happiness from within

  • Connect to your energetic centre and be able for whatever life throws your way

  • How to store and conserve your life force, preventing energy leakage in the future

  • Develop the lost art of sensing and guiding Qi

Beginner level. Open to anyone curious to learn more.

Tickets: €160

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