Transitioning with Grace

A Forrest Yoga & Shamanic Journey Gathering

with Aoife Kane

Sunday 19th July

11am - 12.30pm

As we collectively come to a place where life seems to be "back to normal", join Aoife and take a moment to pause, move within and listen. Are there parts of this lockdown experience we want to carry on embracing in our lives? Are there pieces of life before we would like to let go of? How can we move forward with grace and presence understanding this is an opportunity for a new normal.

This 90 minutes is an invitation to move in our physical yoga practice and witness how we transition on the mat and what that means for us off the mat.

Through connecting with the four pillars of Forrest Yoga - Breath, Strength, Integrity and Spirit - we breathe and flow in our respective spaces as a community, coming together and allowing what needs to shift from within us to move with grace and ease.

Transitioning from our physical practice to a guided shamanic journey, we dive into the deeper parts of our Self and connect to the gifts and any messages offered from our higher selves and guides.

This is about slowing down and allowing us to tune in to what our individual call is for now and how it helps play a part in creating a new normal for us and our wider collective of friends, family and community.


In Studio - €30

Online - €20

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