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Please note the following hygiene and physical measures that will be implemented in the Space. We’ll be heavily reliant on your compliance for these measures to be effective in maintaining your safety. 

Together, we will find a rhythm with our own collective behaviour that ensures we follow best practice in keeping ourselves and other safe, focusing on hygiene around the flow of people in and out of the building.

We’re extremely lucky that we have three front doors to the building and two separate studio spaces which allows us to operate a strict & safe protocol for usage.


safety map.jpg

Entering the Building:

•    Please refer to floor plan map as a visual reference for doorways, entry points and flow throughout the building
•    Each door has a circular sticker clearly stating which studio door it represents eg Studio Here or Studio Now
•    Doors will be open where possible, to allow you to enter freely and without having to touch anything.
•    We will not be operating normal waiting areas while this is ongoing.
•    We encourage you to come 10 mins before or on time to class and enter the building safely.
•    Unfortunately, you cannot come earlier than above to keep the number of people in the Space at the safest level.
•    Please maintain social distancing upon entering and moving around the Space.
•    When waiting outside of the Space, please also maintain distance until it is your turn to enter
•    Classes will be timetabled so there are no crossover of people entering and leaving.
•     Your teacher will be there to ensure the safe flow of people and that the building is cleared for cleaning after every class.

Flow for entering Studio Here:
(Front Studio – White)

•    Front room Yoga classes will be accessed through the Denzille Lane (Teashop) door
•    The door has a sticker stating ‘Studio Here – Enter’
•    This will be open 10 mins before classes, where you will be welcomed by the class teacher and asked to come directly to a mat space, filling the room from the rear. (Please bring your own mat) 
•    You may leave your bag, jacket, any other personal belongings in the tea-shop. If there’s no room you may bring them into class.  
•    From Studio Here, you can use the toilet facility one at a time. We have a female/male and unisex toilet available. 
•    After class, exit safely the exact same route/door you entered, observing social distancing.

Flow for entering Studio Now:

(Back Studio – Black)

•    Back room Yoga classes should be accessed at the main front door
•    The door has a sticker stating ‘Studio Now – Enter’
•    This will be open 10 mins before classes, where you will be welcomed by the class teacher and asked to come directly to a mat space, filling the room from the rear (Please bring your own mat)
•    You may leave your bag/jacket/any other personal belongings along the bench in the hallway where we’ve clearly marked out two metre spacings.
•    From Studio Now, you can use the toilet facility one at a time.
    We have a female/male and unisex toilet available. 
•    After class, exit safely through the main corridor and out the fire exit door at the
    end of that corridor, observing social distancing.

Common Area:


•    The Teashop space will be emptied of most furniture to accommodate safe social  distancing and a place to keep your gear – the space will not be usable in the typical way and there is no waiting or gathering permitted before or after class.
•    The Hallway will be clearly marked with two metre spacing for you to leave your bag/ jacket or other personal belongings. You will also be able to bring these into the room if you wish.
•    The Bathrooms – we’ll have a one person per bathroom area policy


•    Hygienic sensor activated high alcohol hand sanitizer dispensers will be in clearly visible locations – please see floor plan below for reference. 
•    Pump operated high alcohol sanitizer dispensers will be in both studio and bathrooms
•    Our HRV (State-of-the-Art Ventilation system) is set for max extraction and has a constant cycle and flow of fresh air into the common area spaces and both studios.
•    Anti-viral surface wipes will be available at sanitary stations which will be stocked regularly
•    Background ventilation (skylights & windows) will be utilized to further increase flow of fresh air.

Toilet/Changing Rooms:

•    Only one person can occupy the facility at any given time
•    Please wipe down used surfaces as you go, pre and post use.
•    Hygienic Soap dispensers 
•    High alcohol sanitizer dispensers 
•    Anti-viral surface wipes 
•    We will clean thoroughly them down after each class.

Yoga Spaces:

•    The yoga rooms are set up with the 2m distancing in place. Spaces are clearly marked on the floor for you

to place your mat on
•    HRV (Extraction and Ventilation) is set to max extraction and has a continual flow of fresh air into the spaces.
•    Daily routine cleaning using electrostatic sanitizer, with heavy concentration on frequently used surfaces will be carried out
•    Floors will be cleaned after each class occurring after the morning deep clean.
•    Air purifying unit in every room.
•    Hand sanitizer stations are available on the way into and inside each studio.
•    All door pushes, door handles and other used surfaces will be wiped down after
    every class.

Personal Etiquette:

•    Please be very conscious of safe distancing at all times 
•    Please bring your own mats & props aswell, if needed.
•    Unfortunately there’s no hanging around pre or post class as yet! 
•    If using any facilities eg bathrooms, storage please wipe down where possible 
•    If you need to cough or sneeze, please cover your mouth and wash your
    hands immediately 
•    If you have experienced any symptoms in the past two weeks, we ask that you
    please refrain from coming to the studio in the interests of everybodies safety. 


We encourage all feedback in relation to our safety protocol. Let’s find our rhythm together on this. We appreciate you bearing with us and really look forward to
welcoming your happy faces back to our beautiful space. 

See you on your mat 

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