The Gift of Space:


A curated offering marrying the best Irish makers with the unique experience of The—Space Between.

This new years toolkit is designed to play with your senses – entice you deeper within, push you further and treat you well along the way.

It’s an Altar State of Mind.

In each offering you'll find: 

  • A generous gift voucher for the Space Between 

  • A selection of three unique immersive sound experiences:  

    • The Sound of Sunrise

    • A guided breathwork for calm

    • A pineal soundbath for creativity:

  • Membership: Anytime Anywhere digital studio where you can ‘Create Your Own Rhythm'​

  • Palo Santos with an Altar State matchbox to help light the fire inside

We have five options, each its own unique flavour depending on your own unique flavour.

*Note - we ship anywhere in world - for shipping outside Ireland please contact us directly 086 345 3954 or email

alter state.png