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Dave Regan


Dave has been practicing meditation and mindfulness for over fifteen years and this led him towards yoga. He immediately noticed the benefits a regular yoga practice had on his meditation and everyday life.


Dave completed his Yoga Teacher Training in 2018 with Yoga and Pilates, Malaga. Dave also comes from a nutrition and culinary background, and this is very much a part of his holistic approach to overall wellbeing.  He has also completed numerous mindfulness and meditation courses, most recently in 2018 in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction in the Mindfulness Clinic, Merrion Square. 


Dave's classes focus on a combination of strong slow flows, which allow you to take the time to focus on both your mind and your body. 


Dee O’Hagan

Alongside her 200hr teacher training, Dee O’Hagan trained in meditation and yin yoga, as well as intuitive eating counselling. Dee has also studied education and psychology. As a psychology post-grad, Dee considers herself to be a bit of a nerd when it comes to the  the mind-body connection. She views yoga as a powerful tool for learning how each of us ticks and works with each of her students from a place of compassion first and foremost. It was this sentiment that led her to go deeper with yin yoga training, a beautiful practice that allows the space for self-enquiry while teaching us how to find a sense of ease and



Dee brings together everything she has learned to help people face understand and quieten the harsh inner critic that takes the wheel all too often. Dee believes that now more than ever, the planet needs people who are compassionate towards themselves and who can go out there and show that compassion to others.


Other things that make Dee happy: sea-salty hair, belly laughs with lovely

people, exploring new places, good food and having a dalmatian that’s too big for her lap, on her lap.



Gill Costello

Gill Costello completed her teacher training in 2013 while in McLeod Ganj, Northern India. Looking back, Gill feels yoga chose her, rather than she chose yoga. Since then yoga has become more and more central in her life, belief system and ultimately her dharma (life’s purpose).


Gill has been teaching yoga in Morocco for the last three winters where she has met some incredible teachers from around the world, along with people trying yoga for the first time and many characters in between.


Her classes have a strong foundation based on building strength in the body and awareness in the mind. While moving through a dynamic flow, Gill invites you to stay connected to the breath, to quieten the mind and bring your focus inwards. Detaching from the rest of the world and simplifying down to just the present moment.  Her classes always finish with a yoga nidra to ensure you leave feeling calm, collected and centred.


Gill is The Space Between’s studio manager, so expect to see her pottering around. Never one to shy away from a chat, feel free to ask her for anything you need. She’s always there to help. Find her online @gillcyoga.


Hannah Ryan


Hannah recently completed a RYS 200 hour Teacher Training with 'The Art of Teaching'. She describes it as ‘the most wonderful and life changing experience’. Hannah fell in love with yoga three years ago and it's been a pivotal part of her life ever since. 


Hannah believes yoga gives you the freedom to move, to understand you body, your mind and to form connections between the two. She believes yoga gives you space to slow down, and take time out for yourself. 


Hannah teaches a grounding, stabilising vinyasa flow focusing on moving slowly through transitions and cultivating full body awareness. Blending yin and yang so that you can build strength and stamina, while taking time to nourish yourself. Hannah’s classes allow you to establish a sense of flexibility in both your body and your mind. Utilising pranayama and other breathing techniques to build a relationship with your breath and to help create a solid foundation by which you can constantly move forward with your practise, forever learning and evolving. 


Hannah aims to create a soothing and calming energy that can be picked up and translated into the practice to help soften the body and relax the mind.  She wants to create the space for every student to listen to their bodies, to pay attention to what it is they need in each and every practice.


Jane Lonergan

Jane fell in love with yoga living in Australia. While in shavasna, she felt a deep sense of

home. Yoga soon transformed her busy life. It became less stressful and she found stillness and peace on her mat. After her return home to Ireland Jane continued her practice under the guidance of Lalit Kumar for 5 years.


While on a yoga retreat in Spain, Jane decided to travel to India to study in Lalit’s school, Himalayan Yoga Valley where she learned traditional Ashtanga yoga with Iyengar alignment. Jane believes the most effective tool we have is our breath to transform the body and mind.


Jane teaches a strong class, focused on building strength, both physically and mentally.

Jane has just returned back from India this year after completing her 500hr certificate level 2. While advancing in anatomy, philosophy, meditation and pranayama, along side completing a specialist research paper in yoga for PTSD.


Outside of her love for yoga. Jane is passionate about oil painting, Irish mountains, good coffee, walking with friends, a starry night, exploring the world and Falafel!


Jen Doran


Jen Doran’s classes are centered around the concept of connection. Connection to the body and mind, to the people around us and to nature. Yoga has helped Jen deepen this connection in various area of her life and she loves being able to share this with others through the practice. 

Jen has been practicing and studying yoga for 10 years now and completed her 400 hours of teacher training in 2017.  One of her big passions is sharing with people how to create a sustainable practice for themselves, allowing them to deeply listen to, connect and live in tune with their own nature.

Jen loves to create an atmosphere in her classes where people feel comfortable and calm to explore their practice and connection with themselves. She draws elements from many different forms of movement, energy healing and practices of yoga including Hatha, Yin and Kundalini.

Kate Mc Quillan


Kate is a Dublin based yoga teacher, teaching vinyasa, yin, hatha and teen yoga. With over 1000hrs training under her belt, she completed her first 200YTT in Chakra Yoga in the Philippines in 2015, then went on to complete her second 200YTT in Hatha Yoga with Arhanta yoga in Khajuraho, India. In 2016, she returned to the ashram the next year to assist on their teacher training.

Kate took her first Yin training with Arhanta Yoga in their ashram in Arnhem, Holland this same year, then went on to complete her 300YTT in the Elbowroom Dublin in 2017, during which she began her yin training with Josh Summers (shes 100hrs into the 300hr training) In 2018 she went back and took her third 200YTT in Vinyasa in Bali with the Bodhi Yoga Academy, it was here that her passion for Ashtanga was ignited and she began her Mysore practice. She has been inspired by all her incredible teachers along the way especially Susan Church, Sam Vetrano,Irene Pappas, Ram Jain and Omkar Jain. Kate is constantly training and upskilling, and her classes reflect this through dynamic, creative vinyasa flows with an ashtanga influence.

Kevin Boyle

Kevin Boyle practices a modern and progressive style of yoga, heavily influenced by Bryce Yoga School, where he completed his advanced teacher training. Kevin is accredited with 600 hours of professional development under Yoga Alliance.

Kevin takes a non-dogmatic approach to teaching and enjoys sharing his practice in a fun and creative way. Off the mat, Kevin produces and hosts The Yoga Life Podcast, where he chats to fellow yogis about teaching, practicing and living a yogic lifestyle. 

You can find out more about Kevin by visiting kevinboyleyoga.ie or connecting with him on Instagram @kevinboyleyoga



Manasi Sridhar


Manasi hails from the city of Chennai, in southern India. Yoga has been a part of her life from her teens, but like many, a sudden back injury brought her to immerse into the world of yoga. Not only did the physical aspect of it bring her back on track, but yoga became a cure for a lot of her emotional outbreaks.


Ever since, she has loved being on the mat carrying along her beliefs of commitment and “it is possible”. After discovering Lumi, a Baptiste Affiliated Power Yoga Studio in London, she has developed a motivation to take her practice to the next level, by completing her RYT 200 - Teacher Training. Along with that she is also certified in Baptiste Yoga, Level 1 - Journey into Power and has been a part of Lumi Foundation - a charity that takes yoga to the elderly, disabled and all walks of life.


Having recently moved to Dublin, she has been sharing her teaching at different studios, bringing empowerment and possibility through asana practice to her students.  


Manasi’s classes are focused on the rhythm and flow of Journey Into Power, from awakening muscles, to strengthening your core, to opening up to new experiences, connecting the body and the mind through meditation. Her classes will allow you to explore what brings you to the mat, and where you can take your practice.


Reeta Cherie

Reeta Cherie aka Just Breathe Yoga has been a yoga and wellness enthusiast for over 10 years. In 2015 she received her 250 Credit Hour Certificate in Classical Yoga Training with Samadhi Studio. Recently, she received her 50 Credited Hour Yin Yoga Foundations Module with Josh Summers. Reeta's method of teaching is considered patient, fun, energetic and nurturing. She teaches many styles including Hatha, Yin, Restorative, and Vinyasa.  If she at all looks familiar, you may know her from her popular Reggae Yoga Classes, that she teaches throughout the city and various venues and festivals, including Electric Picnic, MVP & The Bernard Shaw.



Sarah Hagan

Sarah is a 500-RYT teacher, based in Dublin. She teaches vinyasa, hatha, yin and kids yoga. Sarah completed her 200 YTT in Pokhara, Nepal and later went on to complete the 300 YTT in Rishikesh, India.

After which she spent some time learning hatha from the great Surrinder Singh. This is where she developed a new found love for hatha yoga and slowing down the practice.

In 2018 Sarah completed her children’s YTT in The Elbowroom in Dublin. The roots of her classes lie in encouraging students to drop into their bodies and connect intuitively with their own natural rhythm, using the breath as a vehicle.

Sarah is passionate about empowering students to explore and honor their own limits. Coming from a scientific background, she is passionate about the anatomical and physiological elements of yoga. Her classes are descriptive and heavily alignment focused, prioritising the breath as the main point of focus, allowing it to guide the student through their own individual practice.


As an enthusiastic student, yoga brings a deep sense of grounding to Sarah, allowing her to feel humbled by the opportunity to share it with others