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Space Training

The Connected Practice


A Nervous System Informed teacher training Immersion

A 30 hour (YACEP) led by Naomi Sturdy


Are you a dedicated practitioner or teacher who wants to have a deeper understanding of your own practice and the role your nervous system plays in enabling you to receive and implement the intrinsic benefits available?


Bridging the connection between modern science, ancient teachings and your own felt experience, this training will support you to develop clarity and insight into how your nervous system influences your physicality, your energetics, and your sense of presence.


We will dive into the theory while using asana, meditation and pranayama to explore 

the specific tools and practices in Yoga to help regulate, ground, empower and create resilience in your own system and for those you teach. 


This training is about understanding the person behind the pose, what inner experiences can be at play and enriching the why of your offerings.


If you wish...

- to truly feel grounded and connected to your practice and your students as you teach, 

- to integrate and implement appropriate and informed practices, poses or sequences

- to offer and share experiences in your classes that are welcoming, accessible and inclusive


....then this training immersion is for you.


This training will include an immersive Yoga practice for you each day, theoretical learning and practical teaching experience and feedback.  You will receive a certificate of completion and hours towards your continuous education.


The inspiration and intention of this Immersion


Naomi has created this immersive experience to fill a gap between the what and how of your teaching or practice and understand your why.  Looking at your practice through the lens of your nervous system will give you insight into the affects of various methods and modalities.  


No one practice works for everyone all of the time, but by learning more about your nervous system, you will develop a greater understanding for what serves your needs and what can help others.  


This training offers an opportunity to develop awareness, sensitivity, and ultimately compassion for how you show up on your mat both as a practitioner and a teacher.




Dates and Times: 


Feb 25th/26th & Mar 25th/26th 


Sat & Sun from 12.30pm – 6.30pm


Price: €750

Early bird price: €650 – available until the 27th of Jan.

€200 non-refundable deposit secures place with an option to pay by installments.

For more info, email us at


Price includes: 

  • In person training hour

  • Comprehensive manual and personal course journal

  • 5 class pack to continue your practice & training with Naomi



What kind of level of practitioner do I need to be?

This immersive experience is open to you…..If you are interested in and love the practice and concepts of Yoga.  If you love learning new perspectives.  If you are open and curious about your inner experience.  In terms of physical needs and/or learning requirements, do get in touch with the studio if there is anything specific you would like to highlight so that your needs can be accommodated and served to the best of our abilities in facilitating the training.


Do I need to be a Yoga teacher to do this training?

No.  you do not need to be currently teaching to enjoy and gain a lot from this training.  There will be ideas that are offered for those teaching, and equally there will be perspectives shared as a student and practitioner of Yoga.  The benefit of doing this type of training is that it may also give you an insight to whether Yoga is a practice you would like to teach or share with others in the future, so if you are considering a 200 hour training in the future this would be a great experience to immerse yourself in.  Throughout the training you will gain experience as to how a teacher’s role may feel, and if you are currently teaching you will gain that extra time and practice to hone your craft and deepen your skills.


What kind of time commitment outside the training is required?

There will be an opportunity and invitation for supportive reading, reflection and processing.  There will also be an assessment to complete the four days which you will prepare for both over the course of the days together and in your own time.  Overall the time dedication outside of in person hours will not be rigid or structured, and more of processing and integrating what we covered together as a group.  Mostly the reading or preparation you might undertake would be something you do if you find it enjoyable and rewarding.


Is attendance on both weekends necessary?



Are the CPD hours accredited?

Yes, there will be 30 hours CPD accreditation for anyone who is currently teaching.



"I knew after a couple of classes as a student of Naomi's that if I was ever going to take the plunge and do my teacher training with anyone it was going to be with her. And it was the best decision I've ever made! Naomi's ability to blend her deep knowledge of anatomy (and experience as an athlete) with her equally deep knowledge of yogic traditions and spiritual teachings creates a uniquely balanced and modern teacher training curriculum. I finished my 200hrs with Naomi feeling confident and ready to explore the next steps in my yoga journey. Whether you intend on teaching or not after this course with Naomi - I can guarantee you'll never regret doing it!”

Sharon, YTT Graduate 2018


"Naomi's approach to The Art of Teaching 200hr YTT training during Covid was nothing short of masterful. 

With Covid dictating the first block online, Naomi navigated screen fatigue, and lack of physical connection with expertise, making the learning experience so enjoyable, despite being remote.

Naomi's passion and knowledge of anatomy shines through, and will stand to me for my teaching career. She beautifully integrates the wisdom of yoga with movement science, teaching you not only to learn it, but understand it in your body every step of the way. 

Difficult philosophy concepts and history were all broken down in such digestible and relatable ways. Her teaching experience so evident whilst holding space for a group and keeping it all engaging, enjoyable and interesting. 

Wouldn't hesitate in recommending Naomi's training and testament to her skills I have now changed careers and am a bona fide yoga teacher in Dublin, Ireland. "


Emily, YTT Graduate 2021


"I completed my 200 hour teacher training with Naomi and it was one of the best thing that I have done.

I learned so much from Naomi during the training, that I still refer back to. From her in depth anatomy knowledge, explanation of meditation practices, advice about how to structure and cue classes, and most of all her emphasis on self practice, reflection and personal enquiry throughout the training. 

Naomi incorporated a lot of teaching practice into the training, including teaching a full class at the end. I found this really beneficial as it allowed for feedback, encouragement and for me to build my confidence, voice and authenticity as a teacher throughout the training. As a result, I felt ready to teach classes by the end of the training and starting teaching straight away. 

I can’t recommend training with Naomi enough. Naomi has a great style, with incredible knowledge, experience and an emphasis on all aspects of yoga at the core of her work."

Saoirse, YTT Graduate 2021

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