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Ambient Evenings

Saturday 14th Dec

6pm - 8pm

Join Rohan for a leisurely paced 2 hour vinyasa class set to a hypnotic soundtrack of ambient, modern classical, and very chilled electronica. The music will add to the sense of calm that we strive for in our practice even while stretching our boundaries, physically and mentally. Expect long, slow flowing sequences of standing and strengthening poses. Also deep stretching asanas, held long enough to allow us to release that little bit further. The level will be mixed but some yoga experience is advised.

Tickets €20

A Winter Solstice Experience

with Mari Kennedy

Sat 21st Dec

4.15pm - 7.15pm


Foundation for Greatness

Kundalini Yoga & Gong Meditation

Empowerment Workshop

Sat 5th Jan

12pm - 5.30pm


On the eve of the 2019 astrological Winter Solstice take the radical step to drop out, drop in and drop deep into the quiet stillness and the darkness of midwinter.

Drop out of the Christmas madness that tends to have us in varying states of frazzle

Drop in to the stillness that is always here & now

Drop deep into the darkness honoured by the indigenous ancestors of this land, for its transformative power.

Return renewed and ready for the craic.

The experience will weave rest, restorative yoga, meditation and ritual into 3 hours of total respite.

4.15pm Remembering, The Winter Solstice in the Celtic tradition

4.30pm Rest, into the body, restorative yoga

5.30pm Return, to the dark void meditation

6pm Ritual, Creating the Winter Solstice Mandala in silence and Rebirth of the Light Ritual

7pm Re-enter, let the craic recommence with dark deep winter elixirs & spicy teas





How do you bring your dream out the pipe and into reality?

If you want to excel you must own your greatness. Greatness is the foundation on which dreams are built. It may seem that there is insurmountable terrain between you and the achievement of your dreams. It is greatness that bridges the gap and provides the wherewithal required to make the journey.

Do you let yourself be great?

If you have a tendency to focus on your flaws and habits that defeat you, greatness is beyond your reach. Kundalini yoga and meditation endorses the applied consciousness that’s required to overcome underachievement. It helps to build resilience by strengthening the nervous and endocrine systems and assists in breaking down demoting patterns. The philosophical component of the yogic practice provides practical, time-tested methodologies for embracing greatness. The wisdom of the yogis who have walked before us provides a platform for elevation.

In this workshop, you are invited to step into new territories and explore the possibilities of being you. We will use the tools of Kundalini yoga, meditation, and discussion-based exercises to cultivate your greatness.

Jai Kartar Kaur aims to empower her clientele, to encourage their own innate ability to be actively involved in creating and sustaining their wellness. Her background in Kundalini Yoga, Yogic Numerology, Gong Therapy, Sat Nam Rasayan healing and the yoga therapy process of Healing of the Wounds of Life enable her to support her clients in a variety of different ways. She is a KRI (Kundalini Research Institute) certified teacher trainer and has been practising Kundalini yoga for over a quarter of a century.

€65 Early Bird 

€75 full price

Tea & light snacks included