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Is Yoga

A space for Yoga, Hot Yoga, Meditation, Breathwork & Movement

Isn’t Yoga

A space for online talks, workshops, book-club, new experiences, community initiatives & creative expression, a canvas through which new things may emerge. 

Through fantastic teachers build your capacity & learn the skills to

help navigate the adventure of life.

All welcome, dogs too (*especially dogs & so many dogs now)


The Space between opposites, between darkness & light,

lies the hallowed middle ground. That is where we play


We have two beautiful contemporary studio spaces called

HERE & NOW that play host to all things in motion & stillness. 

HERE, basks in natural light with a pared back simplicity, 

NOW, a darker contemplative space.

Between stimulus and response is space and in that space lies our freedom


Your Space

You'll find us on a little side street nestled between Docklands,

Merrion Square, Trinity College and Pearse Street.

Our literal ‘space between’ is open to seekers of all ages and abilities.


So, hopefully sooner rather than later, you'll be able to pop in for cuppa & read of your book, a yoga or

hot yoga class, meditation session, breathwork,

attend a gig or get in a Yin groove, engage anyway you like.

It’s yoga in the widest sense.


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28 Fenian Street, Dublin 2 — T. 087 3453954

State of the art

Infra-red hot yoga

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