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We have mats in studio which you can use free of charge


We have showers fully stocked with Ayruvedic Botanicals 


We have digital lockers in our changing rooms - no need to bring a padlock


If you need a shower towel or a mat towel we rent them for €2


Here  is a list of our beginner friendly classes - we don't recommend the

hot classes for total beginners but you could ease into it with a Warm Class


The Good Day pass is only valid for classes Mon-Fri up to 5pm & the 8am Saturday, if you're interested in evening + weekend classes go for the Studio pricing option


We offer a 10% discount, just send us a photo of your student ID

(needs to be renewed every 6 months)


You will not be charged if you are on the waitlist + no space becomes available for a class. 

Account Issues

If you're having trouble with your account get in touch here 

Latecomers / Cancelations

You can change your booking through the app/website up to 6 hours before a class.

We can not allow late-comers into the class, our fellow students + teachers have requested this.

Studio Rentals /
Private & Corporate Classes

This is something we do offer,

get in touch here for more information


Each teacher's practice is based on their own unique style. Each style fused through personal experience, individual training and a practice that inspires and resonates with them.


At The Space we do not subscribe to any one particular style of yoga, and we encourage you to do the same. Depending on where you are in your life, week or even your day, you may need something different; today it might be a 90 minute hot vinyasa flow, but tomorrow it might be a 15 minute silent meditation or a yin class.


Whatever it is you need, we are here to hold space, encourage and support you.


Check out our schedule to find a mix of movement styles. Everything from Hot, Hatha, Vinyasa, Katonah, Kundalini, to Yin, Wim Hof breathwork and even Jiu Jitsu.

Truth is one, paths are many.


Most practices will be a mix of levels; accessible for beginners while also catering for the more experienced. We particularly welcome and encourage beginners to come along and attend any of our introductory practices to help you feel at home. It’s so worth it.


Your feedback is essential. Please let us know what classes you’d like to see & when. We promise to do our best to accommodate.

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