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The Space

This is a considered space designed to offer a respite of sorts from the crazy stimulus of the times we live in.  It is pared back with beauty in the smaller details and lots of negative space to be filled by your own imagination.

We’ve worked hard to deliver great facilities with a  sustainable edge where possible. 


We have underfloor heating throughout the space which is particularly nice to sit on for a meditation or lie down on at the start of class.


We use a hydronic heat recovery system in both rooms which ensures the constant movement and flow of fresh air in the most environmentally friendly manner.

We have a hand-crafted sound system designed specifically for each room by Simon Cullen and built by Billings & Brew.

We have select playlists created especially for the space by some of our favorite museos like Talos, Ships, Ross Dowling, Garjess to name but a few.

Our yoga mats are supplied by Manduka and are latex free with closed cell technology which means they are more hygienic and most  importantly do not absorb sweat.

We have a reverse osmosis water filter system which gives deliciously clean water so you may fill and refill your water bottles to your heart's content.

Our bathroom and showers are supplied with

Ayurvedic botanicals from Mauli.

Our teas and elixir are carefully selected and crafted for your nourishment and delight.

We have two beautiful, and yet completely contrasting

studio spaces called

‘HERE' & ‘NOW’​

Where inner and outer reality meet to the mutual enrichment of both

Studio HERE

Studio HERE is pared back simplicity, a white room with heaps of natural light pouring through an apex roof opening all tied together with a beautiful heated hardwood Oak floor.

The Studio measures 75sq/m in size and has a

natural north/south orientation.


We have the addition of an acoustic rated bi-fold door which opens the studio wall into the front lobby tea-shop creating an ideal open space for events or workshops. 

Studio NOW

Studio NOW is an edgier contemplative space with  dark Anthracite ceiling, walls and floors.

The studio measures 80 sq/m and has an East/West orientation, added to this are fantastic light filled windows to the south overlooking a private garden space and beautiful old weeping Ash tree.

It has a state of the art infra-red heating system which is a  fantastic hot yoga facility.

This style of heating gives a therapeutic radiant heat, much like that of the sun, delivered equally through-out the room while not actually heating the air.

Infra-red radiant heat has multiple health benefits  by penetrating deeper into your body having a strong anti-inflammatory effect whilst also activating heat shock proteins and aiding recovery.

Best of all though it helps to recalibrate your circadian rhythm  so you’ll sleep great!

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