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Exploring the Upside-down

Saturday, 11th of May 14.00 - 16.00 Tickets: €40

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In this workshop Rohan will guide you through different techniques to help prepare the physical foundations to go upside down safely. The focus will be on handstands, forearm balances, headstands, and variations which all require different but connected elements of strength, balance, and flexibility. 

We’ll break each inversion down into its building blocks, exploring anatomical alignment in detail and how to work from the ground up; we will look at practical exercises for strengthening and creating more flexibility in key areas (core, hands, arms, shoulders and upper back); use modifications and props; and practice balancing or floating easily in and out of these poses.

Whether you have never been upside down before or wish to refine your technique, this workshop will provide you an opportunity to develop the strength and confidence to deepen your practice and attempt more challenging poses.

This workshop is aimed at students with yoga experience; it is not suitable for complete beginners, if you are pregnant, menstruating, recovering from an injury, have neck issues, or suffering from a serious medical conditions.


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