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Recharge - Reiki workshop - SOLD OUT

Sunday, 10th of December 11.30am - 1.30pm with Bibi Dallmann

An utterly nourishing experience that will leave you in a sumptuous surplus. This is the most gentle yet powerful re-alignment of all of your layers, so there can be a greater level of harmony and resonance within you. Whether you’re feeling a little tender these days, recuperating from an injury, need to wind down or looking to meet yourself in a deeper way, this is the space for you.

In this two hour experience, the intention is to fortify your nervous system in a two tongued approach. We’ll work physically through gentle movement and restorative postures and energetically through breathwork and Reiki. These will blend seamlessly into an experience that offers you a space to wind-down, release tension and re-set your dial to what’s truly important to you. There will be some time for reflection work, whether you choose to muse internally or prefer journaling, either way this workshop is designed with the sole intention to leave you with a surplus.

Tickets: €40 Book now

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